Two New Cannabinoids Discovered Thanks to a Team of Italian Scientists


Welcome to the Family THCH and CBDH

A brief introduction: cannabinoids are a group of biologically active, closely related compounds found in cannabis. Without a doubt THC and CBD are the most known and well studied cannabinoids with THC providing the elephants share of the psychoactive effects in your favorite plant.

While research into cannabis and the subsequent cannabinoids was slowed during a seemingly worldwide joint effort to eradicate the plant, more recently research has resumed and with that we are in a period of rapid discovery with regards to the active components and benefits of cannabis.

Today’s cannabis news includes the discovery of two new phytocannabinoids; cannabidihexol (CBDH) and Δ9-tetrahydrocannabihexol (THCH).

These two cannabinoids resemble the previously discovered cannabigerol monomethyl ether (CBGM) and Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol monomethyl ether (Δ9-THCM) in both molecular formula and molecular weight; however, they present with stereoscopic differences.

Isolation of these compounds was obtained via stereoselective synthesis and a semi quantification of these cannabinoids was provided in the FM2 cultivar used in the experiment.

My two cents, to a non-chemistry minded individual these discoveries may seem lackluster; however, it’s important to remember how much of a difference small changes to chemical composition and structure can make to outcomes. CBDH and THCH have similar structures to their more well-known counterparts in CBD/THC, differing only in the length of their alkyl chain by one unit (6-terms vs. 5-terms respectively). Additionally, the vastly different induced effects between CBD and THC can be attributed to a single extra hydrogen molecule on CBD impacting binding with your cannabinoid receptors.

CBDH was then analyzed for pharmacological activity in mice where it showed analgesic activity at lower doses – interestingly it did not show these same effects at higher doses.

Each of these discoveries brings us closer to understanding this amazing plant, and for that we thank all the researchers putting their time and brain power into investigating the potential of cannabis. This is an exciting time as we begin to uncover the mysteries of a plant that has effectively followed humans across the globe through our evolution and expansion.

The cannabis industry remains nascent and as such, we still have much to learn. If you are interested in writing about the most recent cannabis news fire an email over to and we’d be happy to chat. Stay happy, stay healthy, stay lifted.


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