Cannabis Edibles in Canada

Cannabis Edibles in Canada

The current state of edibles in Canada

Canadians have enjoyed the benefits of recreational cannabis for over half a year. The overwhelming success of the initiative to legalize cannabis has opened the doors to many dispensaries, thus boosting the economy and increasing the number of available jobs. The question that many are wondering is when will cannabis-based edibles become available?

Join us as we delve into what’s known as the “2nd wave of legalization” that includes the regulation and availability of edibles.

Who Benefits from Edibles?

Cannabis edibles are eaten, rather than smoked or vaporized, and this makes them an alternative method for those who can’t inhale smoke. Whether it's for health reasons or personal issues; edibles act as an intermediary to bring users a large (or small) dose of THC or CBD. Interestingly, the most significant (and growing) demographic of edible users is senior citizens. Those that are aged 55 and up are currently driving the edible market in countries such as the United States. The reason behind this phenomena is due to the convenience and discreetness offered through edibles. Edibles are an excellent choice for those that need long lasting medicine. The effects felt from cannabis-based edibles can last anywhere from 2-hours to 8-hours, depending on the dose. This makes edibles a perfect solution for those seeking to alleviate chronic pains or ongoing symptoms of various illnesses. Until edibles are allowed under recreational law in Canada, people who require their benefits are left in the dark because they’re unable to find an edible source in a cannabis dispensary.

How do edibles work

The effects from edibles are not instant, and depending on the route, take between 5 minutes and 3 hours to be effective. Sublingual cannabis edibles are rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream through the salivary glands, whereas standard food-based edibles are digested through the gastrointestinal tract and secreted into the bloodstream. Users who decide on sublingual edibles will know quickly if the dose is too much, too little, or just right within minutes. Common edibles, such as brownies, cookies, and gummy bears can take upwards of three hours, thus leaving users with ubiquitous questions: “Did I take enough?” “Should I take more?” Edibles are all about finding the correct dosage, so it’s always best to take small amounts and eventually work your way up.

The 2nd Wave of Legalization (legalization 2.0)

When cannabis was recreationally legalized in Canada in 2018, the law did not encompass that of edibles or concentrates. This has left an enormous gap within the available products that are for sale in cannabis dispensaries across Canada. Luckily, edibles are scheduled to become officially legalized by October 2019. This will bring edibles under the umbrella of recreational cannabis, meaning they will be required to undergo strict tests and production practices that will create a safe product for edible enthusiasts to enjoy. Aside from a safety standpoint, customers will easily find their preferred edibles at participating cannabis dispensaries across the country.


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