Are live resin and live rosin the same thing?

Live resin vs live rosin, the great debate that nobody except me wanted.

I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt here as legalization is still relatively new and the amount of cannabis products hitting the shelves can be overwhelming, but after this lesson there are no excuses.

To answer the question unequivocally; cannabis live resin and live rosin are NOT the same thing.

It's important to have some minor background information before we dive into this.


What does it mean for cannabis concentrates to be "live"

It's ALIVE *Cue Frankenstein Screeching*

There's a more philosophical angle to take here: what does it really mean for any of us to be live?

Kidding... But if you figure it out let me know.

When a cannabis concentrate is "live" that means that it was extracted from fresh or flash frozen plants. This can preserve more of the chemical spectrum of the original plant.

When I say chemical spectrum I mean the terpenes and cannabinoids that work together to provide the effects, smell, and taste.

A full spectrum product will preserve the vast majority of the chemical profile while the alternative to this would be distillate which only extracts a specific target chemical compound or broad spectrum which preserves some of the chemical profile.

You can read up on cannabis spectrums in this blog.

The result of a live extraction is a high terpene extract that has more natural flavoring and often more broad, pleasant, effects due to the entourage effect.


What's the difference between live resin and live rosin?

Simply put live resin utilizes chemical solvents to separate the desired products from the plant while live rosin extraction uses heat and pressure to create a golden amber concentrate.

While live resin will undergo removal of any chemical solvent additives many cannabis consumers prefer the idea of solventless extracts; I'll leave the final decision up to you as I'm just here to provide the information.


What is Live Resin?

Live resin is a concentrated form of cannabis made by passing a solvent through the freshly harvested plant matter. Most commonly live resin is found as shatter and wax. while the final product will vary based on the strain used, it will have a more natural golden brown color as it contains the original plant profile.

The names of live resin products are typically associated with the consistency of the final product and can be found as sap, badder, budder, or shatter.

Budder typically has a consistency closer to that of butter or yellow brown cake frosting while badder will have a consistency closer to a thick golden cake batter (give me a break on the analogies). Shatter is aptly named like a solid plate of cannabis concentrate has shattered into many different solid fragments.

Most common extraction process for Live resin involve Butane hash oil and Carbon Dioxide run through a closed loop extraction.

Closed loop means that once the hydrocarbon solvents pass through fresh cannabis material or frozen flower a live resin extraction process will recycle the solvent and continue to pass it through the remaining plant material to maximize efficiency.


What is Live Rosin

Cannabis rosin is a cannabis concentrate that extracts the desired cannabinoids and terpenes using mechanical methods and no solvent. Most commonly this is accomplished using typically heat and pressure with a rosin press.

Seriously, a rosin press is like a large hot panini press that oozes rosin onto wax paper.

While rosin concentrates are solventless concentrates the final appearance can be difficult to tell from live resin sauce if you're just starting off.

The appearance of live rosin varies by strain, processing and batch but typically it is a light golden color with a solid sap-like or crumble consistency.


Storing Live resin and live rosin cannabis products

In order to preserve your cannabis products it's always best to keep them away from heat, light, and moisture. Airtight containers will slow the aging of your products which will naturally happen over time. What you are trying to do is prevent the degradation and evaporation of your terpenes and cannabinoids.


Exploring cannabis concentrates

If you're new to the world of cannabis concentrates it's an exciting world to dive into. Concentrates can give you more flexibility when targeting specific chemical components for effects but it's also important to remember that they can be MUCH more potent than flower. Start low and go slow, you can always dial it up but typically it is much more difficult to dial it down after consuming.

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